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Schools using Vivo Miles

Vivo Miles is an award-winning web-based rewards system used in 80 Local authorities, Vivo Miles has proven its ability to improve student motivation as well as raise attendance and GCSE grades. 

Lets have a look at some of the schools that have adopted Vivo Miles as their reward system and the way they are using it:

Vivo Miles App available on itunes Store

Vivo Miles App for smart phonesVivo Miles users can now manage their Vivos by tapping on the screen of their smart phones. The school rewards system has now an free iphone app that can be downloaded from the Apple store.

This free app will allow teachers to award students Vivos directly from their iphone or iPad, making rewarding students even easier and more convenient; whether in the classroom, on the sports pitch or in the corridor.

Students, meanwhile, can use the handy app to check their Vivo points balance and latest rewards directly from their phone.

Android users will be soon be able to take advantage of the Vivo Android app.

May 9

Vivo teaching students about financial management

Financial matters and the benefits of saving are just two of the topics that are being addressed by schools across the UK using the award-winning Vivo Rewards online rewards system. With the new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Financial Education for Young People, one of the largest APPGs ever, pushing the issue further up the political agenda, economic well-being is very much at the forefront of teachers’ minds.

According to Ian Pedler, Assistant Head, Magna Carta School, Staines, the financial world of bank accounts, credit cards, phone tariffs and financial marketing is a complex one and all too often poor decisions can be made due to a lack of understanding: “Here at Magna Carta, we reward students for academic achievement and good behaviour/citizenship using Vivos - a great introduction to the working world where, if you work hard you get rewarded.

“We also teach them the basics of budgeting, planning and saving using Vivo Rewards’ online account. If they see a product they want in the Vivo Rewards shop, they will have to earn x number of Vivos over x number of months if they are to purchase it. Year 7 students typically want instant gratification. They are taught that if they take a wiser track and ‘save’ over the five years they attend the school they can purchase something of far greater personal worth. It’s a good ethic to instil in young people. What’s more, students who achieve a certain amount of Vivos receive a Gold Club Membership Card which, like a bank card, gives them special advantages such as jumping to the front of the dinner queue, gaining access to the Apple Mac suit at lunchtime or watching films at lunchtime.

“It’s a great introduction to the world of banking too, as the Vivo Rewards user interface has the look and feel of a traditional online bank account, where students can check their balance, analyse transactions and work out how many Vivos they must save to qualify for a gift from the online shop. It’s a great motivator and teaches them the basics of financial management and the importance of saving. It’s widely used in cross curricular activity for business studies, PHSE, Maths and Workskills too.”

“It’s essential that young people leave school equipped with the knowledge and skills to control their money. The Vivo Rewards online account helps our students acquire this knowledge in a subtle but extremely helpful way”, he concluded.

Vivo helps Pimlico Academy achieve Outstandin​g Ofsted

The Vivo rewards system linked explicitly to Pimlico Academy’s six key values has played a central role in helping to transform it from a failing school into one that is now celebrating an Outstanding Ofsted”, said Ivan Baird, Pimlico Academy’s Assistant Principal. The first school to be sponsored by Future– a charity founded by John and Caroline Nash to transform the lives of underprivileged young people – Pimlico Academy has made rapid progress, increasing the number of pupils achieving five A*-C grades at GCSE (including maths and English) by 23 per cent in just two years.

“When I first joined the school two and a half years ago Pimlico Academy had been placed in special measures and had failed to supply an acceptable level of education and appeared to lack the leadership capacity necessary to secure improvements. Poor student behaviour inside and outside school was prevalent. Its impact on results and relations with the local community was significant.

“Having reviewed our incumbent pastoral care system it became clear that the current scheme failed to adequately address problematic behaviour. Working closely with Principal Jerry Collins and the school improvement team we collectively devised the Academy’s six key values to be shared by both pupils and staff – We are dedicated to learning and achieving; We lead by example; We work together; We are committed to our communities; We respect everyone; We are open and honest.

Principal Jerry Collins (centre) and pupils from Pimlico Academy are celebrating success with Vivo Rewards “In a drive to create a strong community within the school we also introduced our current house system – each house named after a Greek god including Zeus, Hera, Apollo and Athena – and each comprising tutor groups spanning Years 7 to 12 in which older students are expected to help younger students with their studies and homework. Each house is also linked to local charity – e.g. The Abbey Centre for senior citizens.

“Gluing our new strategies together is our Vivo Rewards1 online school reward system – which we use to recognise those houses that act collectively as ambassadors for the schools key values. Students visiting the Abbey Centre to teach old people how to use the internet might be awarded two Vivos, for example. Such activity is seen as an active demonstration of our key values, in particular, respect for everyone and commitment to our community. Working for a common cause, students build up their points to qualify for a house prize such as a group trip to the cinema.

“Transformation of the school has been both a challenging and extremely rewarding journey. Today the school is very different from the one I joined – our results have improved dramatically, success is celebrated, good behaviour pervades, our students are happy to be here and the whole school works together to create a calm and positive environment in which to learn. Formulating our six key values has been the single best thing we have done since we started on our journey. Vivo Rewards have helped us get there,” he concluded.

Commenting on their school improvement plan, Principal Jerry Collins said: “Our vision has always been to make Pimlico Academy one of the highest achieving schools in London, state or private, and the outstanding Ofsted recognition affirms that we have made a fantastic start in realising this vision. This is very much the beginning of a journey that will see Pimlico Academy become one of the most highly regarded schools in London.”

Vivo Stars – the Rewards System for Primary Schools…Coming Soon!!!

VivoStars – the  version of the rewards platform for primary schools is coming soon!
Rewards System for Primary Schools

Vivo Starts is a Rewards System specifically developed in conjunction with Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers, VivoStars will allow teachers to award students Vivo points and stickers, which they can use to unlock items for their virtual Vivo character or redeem on prizes from a treasure chest of goodies. Packed with features such as “drag-and-drop” rewarding, class or house leagues display, as well as parental access and reporting, VivoStars will be the easy, fun and engaging way of recognising and celebrating your learners’ achievements.

Apr 7

Vivo Miles In action. What School Staff and Students Think of Vivo Miles Rewards System

Video Transcription:

Bett Awards 2010
Leadership and Management Solutions Category
Winner Vivo Miles School Rewards System

Student: Welcome to The Duston School.  We’ve got a new rewards system we think it’s really well for students and teachers.

Achievement and behaviour are key priorities for any school. And at the Duston School we try give them a highest priority as possible. And we try to do that by rewarding every young person in a much personalised way.

Teacher: For your fantastic inflation of the lungs I am going award you with Vivo Miles. Remember how many Vivos I said I was going to give you?

Student: Thirty

Jane Herriman. Head Teacher. The Duston School:  The old system we used to do for reward students was a stamps system of awarding students by their behaviour and their work, and a credit mark.

Jennie Thornhall. Assistant headteacher. The Duston School:  The student’s voice within the school, they raised concerns that they want as happy as they could be without our old rewards system. 

Their concerns were that it really wasn’t being applied consistently throughout the school and they thought actually that was quite unfair, and secondly, some of the old students did not really valued our old system that much.

Student: We get Vivos for good behaviour and good work that we can spend in the online shop.

Teacher:  Vivo Miles is an online web-based and it integrates with our current data management system which means, when you log on as a teacher your classes for the day are on there. It brings on your register and you are able to reward your students simply with a click and a button. 

Teacher: So in terms of asking questions, 50 vivo miles for asking the questions, well done!

Student: Thank you.

Peter Kouzaris. Global Education teacher. The Duston School: It’s the easiest rewards system that we’ve ever introduced. It hasn’t added at all to my workload and once the initial setup has been done it’s really very easy to teachers to use. It’s there, you bring your class up and you reward your points in the lesson.

Student: You can spend the vivos in almost everything, in key rings, mp3 players. I am saving up until I have enough to buy something really special.

Student 2:  We also save the vivos to donate them to charity that is absolutely excellent, off course! I have found passion about raising funds for Haiti, so we want to raise funds for Haiti by money and we also encourage people at school to donate their Vivo Miles.

We raised about ten and a half thousand Vivo Miles which is amazing!

Jennie Thornhall. Assistant headteacher. The Duston School: Another great thing about the system is it really helpful with the inclusion agenda in particular parents. Parents are able to have a look with their children at home, what their balance is, they are able to see specifically what they been rewarded for. So in the past it was simply that they gained the reward, whereas now they can see exactly in which lesson, for what particular skill, or what particular activity their son or daughter is undertaken. 

Parents are also able to receive the information about their son or daughter rewards by mobile phone that increases the line of communication.

Peter Kouzaris. Global Education teacher. The Duston School: You get your thirty vivos it’s a lovely mark. Well done, let’s give him a round of applauses. 

I love seeing the reward system in some classes has had a dramatic effect on learning. It’s increased interest and certainly motivates children to perform to the very best.

Jane Herriman. Head Teacher. The Duston School:  The Duston school it’s been in a failed category until last year, for seven years. It was the longest failed second school in the UK and we could not for long way in the last few years, and I would actually say that the introduction of Vivo Miles has been instrumental in wanting young people to achieve even more. 

Jennie Thornhall. Assistant headteacher. The Duston School:  The difference the system has made for teaching and learning within the school has been huge and not only has raised the profile of rewards, and does not only encourage students to buy into their system.

It has actually had a big impact in their achievement, because they want to gain rewards and they value the rewards, it’s necessarily having the impact we would like to see on their learning, but they actually are trying out new things that perhaps they might not have done before because we were not able to reward them for helping out in parents evening, to helping out with extracurricular activities. So it actually embraces all the things the students can be rewarded for at school and moved them away simply from a reward system being based on academic achievement which is really important to us as we want to promote the success of the whole child.

Apr 7

Frog and Vivo Miles Team-Up!

Vivo Miles school rewards system has recently joined forces with Frog, which is great news for those schools using their fantastic learning platform. It means staff and students will shortly be able to access their Vivo accounts directly from their dashboard without having to sign-in again. PLUS Frog schools will have access to exclusive Vivo widgets they can download from Frog’s new Widget store. The student Vivo Widget is already available, and gives students instant access to their Vivo points balance and latest rewards the moment they log-on to Frog. Click here to watch a demo!